The information contained on this site is a combination of our own experience stretching over 25 years of breeding various different arrays of animals including, canine, feline, birds, fish and reptiles. The latter being my specialist field for the past 12 years, together with the results of widespread research and study we have conducted on the Internet, from books and diploma courses.

Unfortunately, there are so many sources we have utilized that it is impossible to list or thank them all individually or by name, but we would like to applaud all those who have been there before us and written or put together such a vast fund of information, both basic and advanced, from which we have been able to learn and utilize. Any errors or omissions - although we hope there won't be any - are purely ours!

Our Goals & Aims

Our goal is to pass on to others the love and enthusiasm which we have developed, and indeed are still developing, for all the animals we nurture, breed and offer to others. We aim, at all times, to give a professional service with sound advice to the public as a whole, and our valued clients in particular.


We also try to educate everyone we meet in the furtherance of these aims and goals, and the cherishing of the amazing creatures of which the human race is the guardian - in conjunction with Mother Nature herself, For all things come from GOD and were created in and by HIM. Our goal is to become a well known quality breeders and store people can see and learn from with peace, knowledge and guidance.


Thank you