About us

The company was born in 1998 to celebrate our passion driven for GOD'S creatures. With more than 20 years of experience on a vast array of fields. It started as a general pet store offering fish, dogs, cats and birds, the latter being our strong point. Eventually, indeed, we started selling our own hand-reared birds.

We then moved on to another challenge, breeding our own tropical cichlids and a variety of other fish, and then supplying the store with our own stock. At the same time we acquired our first reptile - a black/yellow Rat Snake - and we have progressed and developed from there ever since!

Our first, home-bred, reptile baby arrived in October 1999 with an Albino Cornsnake. We then moved on to Pythons and went from strength to strength over the years to the point where we can now offer the best quality animals at the best prices.

At Animaniacs, I and my team strive to give you superb service along with professional advice, learning ourselves all the time, and then teaching you, our customer, what you need to know about you future pet & experience with Mother Nature.