Within this page we will show some of the conservation work that we've done and help with over the last 12 years.

This terrapin was found wondering the road all alone.

This African Rock Python almost had a cat for supper.

This Rock Python was stiched back to health before we returned to nature.

Yet another Rock python found around our area.

This Rock Monitor lived inside the peoples house for two years before removal.

Dangerous Rinkhals removal.

Dangerous Poffadder removal.

We were brought in a bunch of eggs by school kids wanting to sell.

We then informed them that we not allowed to trade in South African

animals and that we will incubate the eggs until they hacth then replace them

in the wild. We were quite supprised when 9 Nile Monitors hatched.

They are just to beautifull for words when so young!!!!!!!

In 2010 we found 4 Black Mambas in Witbank area. Never in 12 years

of removing problematic snakes have we encountered any Black Mambas.

Then we got 4 in 5 weeks. Global warming has definitely got something too

do with this.